5 Best Internet Marketing Blogs To Follow

If you want to learn internet marketing fast and keep your knowledge up to date, then you need to follow these 5 internet marketing blogs.

NeilPatel.com & QuickSprout.com

I put these two together because they are run by the same person — Neil Patel and the information on both blogs is rather similar. The posts are really long and go really in depth, it’s not your light read type of blog where you come to get a single tip or idea, you come here to get deep on a topic.

These blogs cover all kinds of internet marketing topics, but mostly it goes around content marketing. A recent series of posts covered how Neil built a $100,000 a month revenue generating blog in 12 months from scratch. Something you would like to achieve yourself?

Then give it a read it’s full of actionable tips and it’s very inspiring to see that there aren’t really any secrets just hard work to get to the top.

When you read Neil’s posts you can be sure that you are getting the current information and not some out of date advice that wasn’t even put to the test in the real world. Just by following Neil’s blogs you will have plenty to read throughout the week because the amount of content it’s produced here is massive. He also started a podcast recently that you should also check out.


I have been reading this blog almost from the very beginning. The charm of this blog is that it publishes complete tutorials that could be easily packaged as online courses and made money off, but here you get them for free.

For example, the Fiverr tutorial, which I used to start my own freelancing gigs on Fiverr and had pretty good success with them, I published a case study as a guest post there as well.

Then there’s this tutorial for starting your freelance writing career that I wanted to try out, but never found the time.

And then there’s this tutorial for how to build an internet marketing list at which I have failed miserably spending hundreds of dollars on solo ads. Dunno maybe I’m just unlucky with this.

And there are much more tutorials just like these that give you a plan from start to finish that if implemented can help you make money.

I really admire the transparency of Matthew. Every single month he publishes an income report where he details out what he has done for the month to grow the blog, he shares a little about his personal life, which I enjoy so you know there’s a real person behind this and he also shares all his traffic and income numbers.

Not only that, but he also publishes a round-up of income reports that currently covers 16 blogs that publish regular income reports. For me, they serve as motivation and they show what is possible to achieve.

SmartBlogger.com by Jon Morrow

I’m not that much of a fan of the blog, but I’m definitely a fan of Jon Morrow’s writing. What do I mean by that?

Well, smart blogger has plenty of guest posts and they are definitely top notch, back in the day when they were publicly accepting guest posts their requirements were sky high.

Back to Jon Morrow the first time I landed on one of his blog posts I felt like he really knows my struggles and knows where I’m at, funny kinda. I bookmarked the post for future reference.

Then I land on another post full of golden nugget information I was looking for. Bookmarked again.

And that just kept happening. I’m not sure if he is that good or I just found him at the right time, but I do believe every single blogger can benefit by reading his stuff. Jon also guest posts a lot so you can find him on other top blogs in the industry.

Backlinko.com by Brian Dean

You won’t find a lot of blog posts on this blog nor is it updated a lot, but what you find might change how you do SEO forever. The blog only has 33 posts published and is generating 150k visitors a month.

Brian is probably best known for coming up with the Skyscraper Technique which is used for ranking on the first page of Google. It’s not easy to pull it off, but if done right it can bring you those results.

You can also find other incredible blog posts like “Here’s What We Learned About SEO” where I guess his SEO team analysed 1 million search results to figure out what makes them rank on Google. It’s definitely not something an average blogger can pull off.

So, make sure to follow this blog, you won’t get a lot to read here, but when you do it’s going to be worth your time.


SumoMe firstly is a business that develops content marketing plugins for WordPress. They absolutely realise the power of content marketing and are putting it to practice without half-assing it.

Just take a look at their recent blog post about how they built a 50,000 following on Instagram in under 3 months. This guide is so massive they had to divide it into chapters.

I liked a series of posts that every author of the blog wrote how they would start a blog from scratch, which I think a lot of people want to learn. Here’s one example of that to read. There are many perspectives from different authors that you can find.

You will find a lot of case studies around here, it’s stuff that they tested out in their company and decided to share and it’s really fun to read because you can see the numbers behind everything.

Wrapping It Up

Even though I only mentioned 5 blogs you can still experience information overload (they do publish a lot). To avoid it I highly recommend to put in practice what you read. If you don’t have a blog yet where you could practice marketing, then read this quick guide for getting started.

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