Collaboration meetings eliminate silos between teams and improve cross-functional communication to move the needle organization-wide.

How do you conduct a productive team meeting?

The focus of a collaboration meeting is essential to making this time productive. This conversation is about breaking down barriers across departments. Identifying how to support each other is the name of the game. It’s imperative to use active listening to understand each department’s needs.

1. Leadership challenges

Each person identifies their biggest leadership challenges. Don’t make suggestions or question what is shared, in order to encourage honesty and openness. Look for commonalities and patterns across teams. …

Team meetings are a chance for specific team members to discuss what’s most important, dig into what’s working and what’s not, and improve your collective efforts.

These meetings are often informational, rather than a productive conversation where decisions are made. People can feel drained after these meetings and they begin to see meetings as a waste of time.

  • 220,000,000 meetings are held in US businesses each year.
  • Teams collectively spend 15% of their time in meetings
  • Executives consider 67% of meetings a failure
  • 90% if people daydream in team meetings

How do you conduct a productive team meeting?

The tone of a team or collaboration meeting is essential…

To measurably connect culture to financial results, you need to determine what is most important for your organization and quantify it. We call this your most important number (MIN).

A MIN is simply the primary outcome you are working to achieve. Organizations have a most important number, as do departments and teams. The purpose is to align all the work across the organization towards a common goal.

What is most important will differ based on the industry and type of organization. For example…

For-profit: Net revenue

Non-profit: Impact

Government: Effectiveness

Identifying the organization’s MIN is not enough. Every department and…

Lee Benson

I help organizations connect culture to financial results. Founder & CEO at Execute to Win.

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