when little things are huge

I went to the chiropractor today. Last week I wrote a note on my appointment request that I go by Lee and my pronouns are they/them/theirs. And then I was freaking out bc I’ve never given my pronouns to someone I didn’t already know was very trans educated.

Today I was freaking out trying to wear something that would validate my pronouns (internalized oppression for the win) while still being conducive to chiropractic work. Which is like impossible.

When I got there I was scared he was gonna use the wrong name or pronouns or say something gendering or give me crap for my chest binder.

I walked in, he asked if I was Lee. He told the receptionist to take "their" paperwork. He didn't gender me with anything he said about bodies. He didn't say anything about my binder, act like it was in his way, or tell me its bad for my back. Further, he gave sympathy for the trauma that led to some of my issues. He made sure I knew that not only is the trauma not my fault, but neither is the health issues that come from it. He praised my self care instead of telling me to do better. And he said he would try to find me a good, respectful chiropractor when I move.

I have never felt so respected and valued by a professional in my life.