Destiny’s story…. is FF7

Some upfront material. Game Theory: Destiny’s LOST PLOT. Go check it out. It’s the foundation for my topic.

Base theory in a nutshell

This isn’t new, it’s been out there for a while, but it puts it all in one place.

My goal isn’t to reiterate the theory, but to show how, if the theory is true, that it’s basically FF7, told from the other side. My comparison isn’t here to say they are the same plot, but to convey to people who know both, how I see the true plot of Destiny.

My regurgitation isn’t 100% the same, but for the sake of the comparison, the story, as I see it, is as follows.

The Traveler is an ancient technology designed to overcome death. The force of life is the darkness itself… or entropy. Without entropy you can’t have life.

The darkness has a sentience, but the force and energy of darkness itself does not rely on the sentience, they are separable. This is key to the mission in the Black Garden.

So the Traveler was built to unnaturally overcome death. As you can see it’s almost made that possible. The Golden Age comes with technology that allows exploration of the universe and the extension of lifespans. Both necessary for overcoming death.

However, the darkness sees this “Light” as a sacrilege against life, and sees that inevitably the power will contaminate life and destroy the natural processes. The “Light” is the power to overcome the “Darkness”, which is the cycle of death and life.

In order to harness the power to fight death, the Traveler harnesses darkness itself, and essentially is a device to contain the sentience of darkness, within its most holy place, the Black Garden. There it manipulates the darkness’s sentience to pervert life and defy death.

However, the natural forces of entropy, darkness, is drawn to its sentient mind, and fights to gain it back.

Instead of combating the darkness, the Traveler builds up intergalactic species of sufficient technological advancement in hope to deter the darkness. The Traveler masks its intentions and claims “Light”ness by delivering death-combating technology to the species. It basically imitates a false enlightenment. In this way, the Traveler is a false god.

At some point, the darkness catches up, and when the Traveler feels it will lose, it absorbs all life energy from the host planet, and wipes the memories of the host population.

However, on Earth, Rasputin intercepts this process such that it cannot complete. With a partially completed collapse, and the Traveler finding itself going dormant, it expends some of its “Light” to give unnaturally life (undeath) to its new creation, the Guardians. The Guardians are to protect the Traveler while it looks for a way to restore its power.

This is where possible interpretations diverge.

In the current story, on the surface, the reason you go inside the Black Garden is to kill the sentience of the Darkness, who the Vex see as a god. Under my theory, the Traveler is hoping to harness the energy of life (the darkness) without the interference of the sentience.

At this point, it is possible that the Vex and the Darkness are creations of an even earlier precursor race. Or that the Vex created the Darkness itself as a means to propagate life. But that’s unsupported speculation.

The way this all compares to FF7, is that it’s basically Cloud’s story, but with more detail on the other side.

  1. Fallen are the ancients. They previously benefited from the Traveler, but the Traveler destroyed them and left them behind.
  2. The Darkness is the lifestream. Although it has a sentient part within the Garden. But later FF7 stories showed that certain people are allowed to be caretakers of those that enter the lifestream.
  3. The Vex are the Weapons. This would put them as creations of the Fallen, but I’m going to say they are creators of a previous race. They are guardians of the universe in its true nature. They are the true guardians, caretakers of the Garden, the source of natural life, as it was intended.
  4. The Cabal is Shinra, for obvious reasons. They only intend to harness technology for its power.
  5. The Stranger is Barret. Trying to get you to see the truth.
  6. The Traveler is Jenova. It comes to a planet with the gift of unnatural life by escaping the cycle of natural life, escaping death. Yet it really intends to harness the lifestream for its own power.
  7. The Ghosts are Sephiroth. It’s clear that the only real human Sephiroth died in Cloud’s memory. And every incarnation since, is Jenovah’s use of Sephiroth to maintain its form within the lifestream. So Jenovah is posing as Sephiroth, as a way for Jenovah to interact with the living world. In the same manner Ghosts are posing as life offered to Guardians as a way for the Traveler to continue to interact with the world and defend itself.
  8. And the Guardians are Cloud, caught in the middle. Unaware that they are pawns to either side. What will you do with the truth?

Again, my comparison isn’t here to say they are the same plot, but to convey to people who know both, how I see the true plot of Destiny.

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