I just wrote a whole long-winded reply, and an accidental mouse-click wiped it away, so I’ll have…
Omar Kamel

I have a couple of problems with this.

  • It ignores completely what Japan did.
  • It doesn’t demonstrate that any of the Middle East would behave differently if it had the same power as America.

It’s easy to be the small guy and soapbox that you would be pacifist, but from what I can tell, no one in the world is immune to protecting and expanding their own.

Arafat was the closest that PA got to peace with Israel, and when the smallest part of Arafat’s plan was interpreted as peace, the group splintered into violent terrorist groups because Arafat was alone in wanting peace.

So, if you want to claim that high horse, then you’ll have to prove that the victims aren’t just more wolves in sheep’s clothing, because I have yet to see an example in history where the atrocities of a nation doesn’t scale with its access to power.

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