See just how unequal we are

I would be for one-vote concept, if the federal government were pared down.

I do not think that it’s fair for Northern states to solely choose the policy for the border states, given that they don’t run into the same problems.

I do not think that it’s fair for metropolitan people to choose the water policies for rural farmers 1000s to 1.

If the federal government stayed out of state’s issues, it makes sense for the federal government to treat every vote the same.

However, people on both sides have constantly rehashed this issue when it went in their favor and came to the same conclusion. The federal government controls too much of the local government to allow vast sums of people who aren’t even bothered by a local issue to have complete power over it.

Certainly California enjoys making marijuana legal? I’m sure everyone understands this frustration when an overbearing federal government works against their favor.