Hey America, do accidents happen anymore? Especially when a kid is involved?
Kimberly Harrington

People like simple things, and they like to think simple-mindedly with concrete rules and hypothetical scenarios and checklists.

For some odd reason, from a couch, entropy doesn’t come to mind. And the whole internet become Pharisees and Puritans.

They’ll expect clad-iron control, because that’s a checkbox. But then it comes to seeing clad-iron control, human spirit takes over, and they’re like, “OMG, children should be free!” “Stop chewing them out so much.” “They’re just experimenting” “Don’t spank, timeout.” As if a child is going to be like, “oh, ok, I’ll just wait right here.” With no remaining tool to corral a child, it’s a timebomb waiting to happen.

I can’t count the number of times I’m out in public, and a child won’t behave, and you have zero options. Should I gently pop the kid or raise my voice? NO, everyone’s an overzealous child protective service agent waiting to pounce. But then how do I timeout a kid in a buggy? I’ll have to just leave. NO, I need to get these groceries, and I have no one to look after the kids right now. So, you’re left with negative reinforcement, teaching the child it’s ok to scream and tantrum in a store, while enduring all of the annoyed looks.

So, no matter what you do, the internet is right there to judge you, one way or the other, as if they’re the reporters discovering the Vietnam war.

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