So you read this entire article and came to the conclusion that the Hillary she likes isn’t real?
Eliza S.

So, my thoughts aren’t valid because of my genetics. How very sexist. I would have wrote the same thing if a man had written this article, so apparently gender matters more to you than it does to me.

Oh, I already know how you types hate to hear anything that disagrees with your fragile mentality. Please go find a safe space somewhere.


I suppose you’re going to “Womansplain” to me about how I don’t need to be having an opinion on the internet.

It’d be great, instead, if you come up with a substantial reason to like Hillary. Something that involves a political stance where she didn’t put her finger in the air to feel the wind for once. How about you “womansplain” to me a concrete reason rather than “I can drink coffee in my mind with her”. Because a lot in this nation is riding on more than metrosexual romps in Starbuck-land with lattes and corpofrappuchinnos, and red cups.

Because 8 years later, after she’s bombed the hell out of another Middle East country, just like Obama said he wouldn’t, you can explain to me how great of a President she was, because she visited Starbucks and shook your hand.

Everything Hillary says is a lie. She lies when it’s not even going to give her a benefit. She’s lied about how she supported Nafta, she lied about how she was shot at, she lied about Obamacare, she lied about supporting the Iraq war, she lied about Benghazi. Great or small, she lies. So, no, Hillary doesn’t give a crap about this woman or any other woman.

So, anyone that thinks that Hillary is going to be some great drinking friend, is imagining someone to like. I don’t want a drinking friend, I want a focused honest President who has a clear definition of what they intend to do. It’s the Presidency, not some Year Book vote for most likable person.

And before you try to corner me into a box, I’m not some Trump supporter who hates women. I’d vote a million times over for Condoleezza Rice to be President. I’ll wait here while you go Google who that is.

This election cycle is just great…

Picking between Trump and Hillary the liars, a RINO, and a Socialist.

And we got here because someone votes based on “most likely to have lattes”.

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