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Cutting corners to meet development deadlines is common. But it will always come back to bite you. At some point, someone will come across what you have done and have to negotiate their way around it. They might spend two hours trying to decipher the logic, or, more commonly, they might just build on top and leave someone else to deal with it.

This is how projects die. Not through intentional sabotage or consistent abuse, but the evolution of a few shortcuts.

Don’t expect deadlines to change, no matter how unreasonable they are. …

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This tutorial is for anyone who creates single-page-apps and wants to know how to configure routing properly on the server side. It will use Svelte as the framework, but the techniques here will work for any app using client side routing.

The Problem

Client-side routing solutions like svelte-routing work great, but they will break if you try to refresh your page when using them, and this means that it’s impossible to use hot reloading. …

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I am not intelligent. That’s not false modesty or attention seeking. It’s just a fact I learned recently.

I love to argue. I love arguing with friends, I love arguing with strangers, I could probably have an argument with a dog for at least five minutes. But no matter how much I do it, I never seem to convince anyone of anything, even when it feels like I’m winning.

I figured that being intelligent meant having the ability to convince other people that your beliefs are right, and because I was failing at that, I just wasn’t smart. …


Lee McGowan

I write about programming, and I write about writing. I also might write about philosophy, if I ever get ‘round to engaging my tiny brain.

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