Alternatives to On-site Security Guards

Alternatives to On-site Security Guards

The world is constantly changing. Old products are being improved, and new products are being marketed. Business owners know that they must stay ahead of the competition, or they will close their doors.

Likewise, keeping records for the business has changed from accounting journals and ledgers to computers. Some owners were hesitant to make the change, but they discovered that accounting done on computers was more efficient and cost effective. Today, many business owners have discovered that technology has made protecting businesses from theft in an efficient and cost effective manner.

Protecting Your Business from Theft

  • One Gate, One Guard
  • Since everyone passes through the gate, only one guard is required at fenced-in businesses. Some businesses may use guards at night, while others use guards both day and night.
  • Guards for Each Building

Some guards leave their stations to make regular rounds of their buildings. During these rounds, the guard checks for unlocked doors, lights left on and all other signs that the building isn’t secure.

Advantages of Hiring Guards

  • For smaller businesses, the cost of security is less than surveillance by technology.
  • Guards can easily keep small areas secure

Disadvantages of Hiring Guards

  • Surveillance is limited to the guard’s line of vision.
  • The guard is in one place at any given time.
  • As the business grows, the cost of guards increases and may become prohibitive.

Real Problems of Property Theft

Profits dwindle when shoplifters take inventory items, this means shoplifting eats your profits.

Have you considered employee theft? Why not take a look at what it is doing to your business?Why not take a look at what it is doing to your business? These are problems that do not involve outsiders breaking in at night.

Of course, mirrors in strategic places help clerks spot shoplifters, but many shoplifters go undetected because clerks are busy with other customers. What can be done?

Do employers close their eyes when trusted employees steal from them? Looking over employees’ shoulders may impede their work, but losing valuable business property is also a crime. What can be done?

Modern Technology Can Prevent Property Theft

Security businesses compete with one another to get a larger share of the market. Their objective is to provide the services you need to prevent property loss. Explaining your needs to a security company may reveal that they can supply the service. If that company doesn’t provide the service, they may refer you to someone who does. Also, you may be the one who brings a new idea that fulfills a security need.

Which Technology Do You Need/

  • Burglar Alarms
  • Constant monitoring an area for 24 hours is a real possibility with modern technology. Regardless of the size, your area is always under surveillance. What area do you need monitored?
  • Surveillance Cameras
  • For smaller areas, cameras record every action that occurs. Are there areas in your business that cameras are needed?

Technology in Remote Locations

Technology provides protection in desolate locations. Construction sites, oil and gas fields, ranches, mines and other work sites are protected by gate guard services.

Customized security services are available for wide-area sites that might attract only thieves or those who want to damage property. Their mission is accomplished with video surveillance and many vendors that work with them. Video surveillance provides an accurate record of every action.

Their response time of gate guard services is within 24 hours.


Regardless of your location, technology provides the security protection you need. From a busy bank to a cactus on the ranch, your property can be protected.

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