HCDE Sprint Week #4

By Kara Lee

Usability Test

As we focused on usability test this week, we were guided through conducting one ourselves. Maddie, my partner, and I came up with possible tasks, data questions and users for our usability test on the coffeemaker.

Ideas we came up with for our usability test

For our usability test, we asked three users to complete three basic tasks and asked three questions after each task to get quantitative data about the user’s opinions on the efficiency and satisfaction with the coffeemaker. We used the tasks to test if the users can complete the basic functions of the coffeemaker.

Home screen of the coffeemaker we used for the test

We wrote a script prior to testing to make sure to give the users the same and clear instructions. Here is a link to a video of the test on one of our users.

Below is a link to the video presentation of our usability test.


I realized the usability test would get better results if more users and more tasks were involved in the test. I also realized the importance of making sure the instructions given to users were the same and clear. Maddie, my partner, and I did not give hints, instructions, or questions other than what was on our script to make sure our users were given the same information. It was interesting to me how differently each user reacted even though they were completing the same tasks. We also recorded the entire usability test so that we could watch the video later and make sure our data is correct.

My Opinion On This Usability Project

Personally, I enjoyed planning and conducting this usability test. I liked that this project included interaction with users because I realized users can suggest problems or improvements that you did not think about when creating the project. When designing a project, it is sometimes hard to see things from the user’s point of view, so I felt that this test was more effective in finding problems than the past projects.

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