Sororities and The Endless Possibilities It Provides

College is a place nearly every kid in the US dreams of however it is common to feel like you don’t fit in and are alone. It’s a huge change for everyone and is somewhat nerve racking. College can be extremely overwhelming especially for girls. Just about every girl wants to fit in and feel loved by a best friend. We all want someone we can turn to for everything and just do girly stuff with. In college it can be hard to find these relationships with other girls because everyone is nervous. One of the best ways to gain these friendships is by joining a sorority. Sometimes they get a bad wrap but being in a sorority is a great way to get involved in school, achieve good grades, make an impact on the world around you through philanthropy, and make connections with people that will help you and love you for the rest of your life.

In the article, “The Dangers Of College Greek Life” by Emily Krohn, it explains the threat of hazing that is often a worry of people. She says the biggest issue lately with hazing has been alcohol poisoning. This is where a chapter will make a “pledge” drink a lot of alcohol to get into their house. It also talks about Gauntlet pass where students will run through a crowd of active members while being punched and kicked. Krohn then states that “A sorority used to mean being smart and having “sisters” who help you with your studies and you all work to help your college town be a better place. Now you have to be skinny, pretty, and know how to use your body in a bad way.” She simply states the assumptions and stereotypes of sororities. Hazing since then has been banned and outlawed. This means that when a chapter is found to be hazing their pledges, they will be kicked off the campus. There can also be serious litigation for cases of hazing. There are many sororities who now raise a lot of awareness of being against hazing. For example, Alpha Phi has a whole week called Hands Against Hazing, where they spread awareness to people that 1) hazing is not tolerated in this chapter and 2) to other chapters to show the damage it can really do to a person. Another example is in Sigma Kappa where the pledges are taught about how hazing is wrong and it will not be tolerated in their chapter, they even have to take a test on it. This message is spread through many chapters. The National Panhellenic Council also is extremely against hazing. They do not condone hazing in any form. So while yes hazing might be a concern it truly isn’t a big problem anymore for sororities because we really want to just take care of the sisters not hurt them. Sororities have realized across the board that we have take care and be there for one another, every girl needs a good friend.

In another article “17 reasons to join a sorority” by Bailey Mckae Johnson there is truthful reasons to why every girl should go through recruitment. The first reason is friends. She explains that when you join a chapter, there are tons of girls in that chapter that are waiting to be your friend. They picked you because you would be a good fit for the chapter and fit in with all their personalities. She then talks about how you get to go to dances with all your friends, which is almost every girl’s favorite thing. You also have endless support constantly everyday. Your sisters are there to help you, to make sure you’re happy and living your best life. The sorority will also get you involved on campus. You can go to games and events put on by your school with your friends. Diversity is something that is usually thought of as non-existent in sororities. However, sororities can actually be very diverse and all the girls are different. The girls aren’t all going to be just like each other, each one is different and special in their own way. They bring new light to each life. One of the best points made by Johnson was that each person’s social skills improve dramatically. She talks about how you are basically forced to come out of your shell and talk to people you have never before.

Sororities have a lot of stereotypes, therefore they can get a bad wrap. A sorority isn’t only for skinny rich blondes. Sororities are for any girl that wants to have a group of girls they can go to for anything but also get to do cool things with those girls. You don’t pay to have friends either. You pay to do fun things with your sisters. Hazing has become something that is widely unacceptable by many sororities. The goal of a sorority is really to make lifelong friends, have a good time and help people out while making those connections. Sororities aren’t about going to parties either. In my sorority, the older active members always remind us that you don’t have to go out and party but if you want to that’s acceptable too. They also make sure you have good grades. Most chapters have a GPA requirement to be able to get into them and if that isn’t met the girls then are kicked out of the chapter. They provide so many good opportunities to get help with school too. A lot of chapters have study hours required every week and also the girls that have taken the class you’re taking are always there to help you understand. One of the best parts of sororities are the community service they do. Each chapter has their own philanthropy and they array from a million things. The girls will raise a ton of money for great organizations. The organizations range all across the board. The way they raise money is really fun too. They’re usually funny and amusing. A lot of sororities are also required to do community service hours each semester. Girls also hold you to a higher standard. They expect you to do your best and push yourself. They want to see the best version of yourself. This doesn’t mean you can’t “look bad” or have off days but it means that when you’re having off days you are dragging yourself and you still are making the best out of yourself. They want to see you pick yourself back up and get out there again. It also means they want you to be classy and have respect for yourself.

Being a sorority can be intimidating but there is a sisterhood out there for every girl. Every girl deserves a group of girls that are willing to help her out and make her the best version of herself. There is so much good that comes out of being in a sisterhood of empowering women. There is good resumes, fun times, community service, good grades, but most of all sisters that will help and love you through anything; what more could you want?

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