Just Completed Launch School-Course 101

A few weeks ago, I came across launch school, https://launchschool.com, and I was completely enamored with its teaching style, and philosophy, and their thoughtfulness to their students’ well being unlike other coding bootcamps.

I came into this online coding bootcamp with prior programming knowledge in Java, but I have to say I was shocked how much knowledge gaps I had, despite the course being taught in Ruby. There was a lot of emphasis on mutating and as well as maintaining the original method arguments, which never really crossed my mind too much prior to Launch school as I was more set on solving problems when it came to programming, not caring what structures were affected along the way. After taking this course, I am more mindful of the structures I am manipulating, and how I can be more efficient when it comes to memory management.

In addition, I came across nested data structures which was bewildering at first to comprehend, but launch school made it simple to digest through not only that, but also topics of equivalent difficulty such as sorting implementations and matrix questions, from their exercises, which are used thoroughly in job interviews.

I have yet to take the Assessment 109, the test necessary to ensure competence in Course 101, but I am confident after I have reviewed some more exercises, I will demonstrate my competence to the assessment proctor.