Welcoming Rorus to the Dorm Room Fund Family!

We are extremely excited to welcome Rorus into the Dorm Room Fund portfolio and community! Rorus’ first product, the Filter Pack, is a backpack that instantly (yes, instantly) purifies any fresh water to WHO and EPA standards.

The company is coming off two major wins at SXSW, taking home the SXSW Accelerator award in Innovative World Technologies, as well as the Trend of the Event award for all of SXSW Interactive!

The Filter Pack will be deployed in disaster scenarios and can serve an entire family for a year. We truly believe this is a 10x improvement over current solutions and are extremely excited by the impact it can make, measured in lives saved.

Behind any great company, and any Dorm Room Fund investment is a stellar founding team. In 2013, while pursuing her Master’s in biomedical engineering at Carnegie Mellon, Corinne Clinch joined a research team on a trip to rural South Africa to test a new water purification method. The tests went extremely well and, after returning to school, Corinne met Uriel, an industrial designer. They started working day and night to bring this technology to market, and officially founded Rorus in the summer of 2014.

How did we find this awesome team?

Last year, I traveled to Carnegie Mellon for Tartan Hacks, the school’s hackathon, to gain a better sense of the school’s tech scene. After walking around for a few minutes and talking with some teams, I immediately saw that the campus is full of talented and hard-working builders.

The best thing that happened on the trip was meeting Kyle Henson, who now runs the business side of Rorus. Back then, we spoke about a different startup he was doing at the time, which eventually came in to pitch to Dorm Room Fund. While we didn’t end up funding that company, I loved Kyle’s enthusiasm and ability to think through problems. Fast-forward a few months: Kyle joins forces with Rorus and reaches out to Dorm Room Fund once again; I was psyched to chat and the rest is history!

This is Dorm Room Fund’s first investment in a Carnegie Mellon team and we hope to support many more founders from the CMU community in the months and years to come!

Rorus is hiring!

Team Rorus accepting the SXSW Accelerator award in Innovative World Technologies

CMU Students! I will be on campus for the McGinnis Venture Competition on Tuesday (3/22). If you’d like to connect tweet at me, would love to connect. If you’re looking to learn more about the awesome investments we’ve made at Dorm Room Fund, visit our website here.