Hi Bobby,
Jonathan Schreiber

Johnathan, good to hear audience is up.

Your comment: “If I understand your central premise; couldn’t the exact same thing be said for basically all media?” Please tell me what you understand and I’ll explain…there is a lot there.

You also state you disagree with my ideas a few times, but you don’t state what you disagree with. Please let me know…I’m very curious.

I reread your article, if only to comment on your last statement then: “We believe that there is a path forward to find true success for TheBlaze and to help, in our way, Conservative Media answer the challenges it faces. But frankly, the world does not need just another “Conservative Media” company and we don’t need to spend another 5 years of our life proving it does.

I fully agree, but only to ask then; what does the world need, Johnathan?

Could I suggest it needs “truth and enlightenment”?

To ask you, is “truth and enlightenment” not what the Glenn Beck and The Blaze brand is all about, or is “the fusion of entertainment and enlightenment” fallen to only a nifty marketing tag line at this point now?

If the goal is to just be successful in the “Conservative Media” arena, or somewhere thereabouts, then sorry, but in all honesty, is mediocrity the end goal?

Is being successful now being defined by how well the “Conservative Media” preaches to the choir, in the hope of grabbing the biggest share of the choir, and balance the books?

Sorry, but where is the Vision? What is the vision of The Blaze beyond balancing the books?

Is that all The Blaze is now, is a “Conservative Media Company”?

The bigger question is that all you wish to be?

Perhaps it is now.

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