The Crippling Fear of Medical Poverty
Holly Wood, PhD 🌹

“There are a host of reasons why healthcare costs are so high, but that’s besides the point”.

Holly, I would beg to differ…its exactly the point. There is one main reason healthcare is expensive and growing in cost 3–6 times faster then the economy, when most everything else the cost/value is being reduced. It’s regulated to the point of being dead and unresponsive. A behemoth that is engineered to make the money flow to the top…the insiders.

With that said, having say, Bernie Sanders stand up and says its too expensive and out of reach for most, and so other people should pay for it, does not make healthcare more affordable. It only hides the costs, and it’s negative economic effects inside other parts of an economy.

But know, that the effect of every penny being sucked out of the rest of the economy is having its negative effect in the economy, regardless of what one feels.

The reason helathcare is going sky high? Inefficiency, because of a closed system that does not reward efficiency, becuase the buying decisions are severed from the buyer who is looking for the best value (cost/service). It’s that simple.

Just like any other service.

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