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10 Things We have Learnt About Working with Influencers in 2018

Earlier this year we delivered a project that involved working closely with influencers. It was a great project and we learnt many things along the way, mainly that none of us will ever be as cool as any of them…! But also some useful things to keep in mind for working with influencers in 2018.

  1. Becoming an influencer is the new ‘winning X Factor’. Everyone and their dog (literally) now wants to be the next big YouTube and Instagram star and we can see why. Influencers such as Zoella…

Quite a punchy headline but it’s the painful reality for many organisations. If your business is led by product /project / program / BA teams, who’s currency is ‘requirements’ and who’s success is defined by ‘delivery’ metrics, then you cannot be realising the true potential growth for your organisation...

Who should be reading this blog? Businesses of all sizes, anyone looking to launch or grow products and services, anyone interested in digital transformation and product management.

Firstly, it’s worth clarifying, what do we mean by requirements? For the purposes of this blog we simply mean the process of asking stakeholders…

Remember the Ludovico Technique scene in Stanley Kubrick’s A Clockwork Orange where Alex is forced to watch violent images over and over? That’s Facebook. We are passively consuming horrific news, meaningless ads, ill informed opinion presented as fact, or any number of things that make us feel uncomfortable, are ‘unhealthy’ for us or make us feel worthless… all just by opening the app and mindlessly scrolling.

We are all addicted to Facebook and it’s not our fault. The entire experience has been designed and continually tweaked to make us come back for more. It creates fear of missing out and…

Why Creating Content is Important to us at Skull Mountain

We were recently asked why we bother to curate and publish content under the Skull Mountain brand, as it’s unusual to see a digital company, especially a start-up, putting energy into creating content. Additionally why have we decided to create content around subjects other than technology as surely that’s all anyone will be interested in being that we’re a digital product company.

The short answer to this is we produce content to create conversations so that we can drive our own knowledge and development around subjects that are close to…

I think Coldplay were singing about heading up a startup when they told us, ‘Nobody said it was easy. No one ever said it would be this hard.’ It’s so difficult, and it’s confusing to know who to listen to and what advice to follow to achieve success. Like anything, all those who came before us have opinions about how to be the greatest entrepreneur, the best start up and the most successful.

However is it just me or can these statements be somewhat contradictory? …

Climbing the mountain.

The Skull Mountain Mission Statement

Why did we set up Skull Mountain? To solve a fundamental problem that exists with the value exchange between companies and their agency type suppliers and the subsequent impact this has when developing and growing new products and businesses.

In our collective experience, working both for agencies and within clients throughout our careers, we saw familiar problems crop up time and time again resulting in misaligned expectations, oversized budgets and unsuccessful deliveries.

Too much learning and (critically) validation, happens after a product is launched — usually at great expense and effort.

This is because agency…


Founder and Managing Director of Skull Mountain.

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