Political chats in Liverpool the day before the Election

The day before the 2017 UK general election I decided to take to the streets in my home town of Liverpool. After a day patrolling the streets of the city and having a good chat with a fair few of its residents, I got a general feel of the mood in Merseyside.

It won’t come as a great surprise to anyone that Liverpool is historically a Labour stronghold. In a northern, working class, city like Liverpool it would be silly to expect anything different. However what I wasn’t prepared for was the complete 100% support for the Labour party that I found there. I spoke to at least 25 different people and literally not a single one of them spoke about voting for any party other than Labour.

While on the streets I spoke to an eccentric young labour supporter, sporting at least 6 different ‘vote Labour’ badges on his bag. He passionately told me about how the Labour manifesto just makes sense, and that he seriously hoping for a Labour win tomorrow. I happened to video my chat with him. I also spoke to a sixth form student fresh out of an exam who told me that while she’s not expecting a Labour win that’s who she’ll be voting for.

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