Welcome to The Coup [Ku:]

Not the coop [ku:p]🐔 although it does often feel like we are herding chickens.

An instance of successfully achieving something difficult.

Le coup de foudre: intense love at first sight.

The Coup is also a recruitment advisory boutique, opened in 2021 in the middle of a pandemic by three partners hellbent on challenging the status-quo.

Our timing was…questionable… we all had relatively secure jobs and were comfortable. Comfortable however is not an adjective that sits well with us, it suggests a complacency, preserving the peace, letting things be as they have and let’s face it, the world has changed dramatically.

Recruitment as an industry is as old as fax machines (definition here for genZ readers) and it’s evolution has been slow. I recently met someone who works for the global firm I did my graduate scheme with and jokingly asked if they still used the same version of the relationship management system I had done 15 years ago….yes… wtaf?!

With the rise in start-ups worldwide, traditional models of agency recruitment have become expensive when you are scaling up rapidly. That being said, as a start-up owner without an internal recruiter what do you do when you are balancing a day job and hiring talent? This is where an embedded solution may be the answer.

Imagine the head-hunting skills and sense of urgency of an agency recruiter coupled with the brand ambassador skills of an in-house recruiter. Deployed in a matter of days, for as little or as long as you need. The Coup build recruitment teams from infancy until we can kick ourselves out and leave you with a permanent solution.

Interested to know more and talk to previous clients who have used our embedded solution? Get in touch on hello@thecoup.io or check out our webiste at thecoup.io




Managing Partner at The Coup — thecoup.io

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Lee Slimming

Lee Slimming

Managing Partner at The Coup — thecoup.io

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