A simple, visual guide, to how I approach sprint planning and the following tracking sessions.

Interestingly, I had a conversation with a couple of people about how tasks should or should not have an owner, especially in newer Scrum teams.

I’m firmly on the side of tasks being owned regardless of the maturity of the team, given we’re using time based estimates provided by the person responsible for the work being done, but I guess not everyone agrees.

Google finally finally released the official version of Angular 2 the other day. As a result I needed to updated both ng2-file-drop and ng2-dynamic-dialog to build against the new version.

Given the hassle of going from RC4 to RC5, I wasn’t optimistic this would be a quick job.

However, other than having to change a single import for ng2-dynamic-dialog (DomSanitizationService is now DomSanitizer), everything was done in under 30 minutes!

Both packages (now sitting at 0.1.0) are available via npm.

Lee Winder

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