Quality news shifts to a paid-for model. And that’s good thing. But…
Frederic Filloux

I had nothing but trouble with the NY Times Account site when my credit card expired and I couldn’t find the link. I also couldn’t end my subscription online. I hate having to call in to turn something on or off. My situation or reading habits may change. I’ve been paying the Times since they put up the paywall but in the end I called and did my dilligence of repeating that I wanted to cancel over and over and then went into the App Store and subscribed. Apple makes it much easier to control a subscription. At the moment I’m paying for more news than I have in years with paid subscriptions to the Times, WaPo (Amazon practically gives it away), The New Yorker, Foreign Policy and the NY Review of Books. If I’m having a good year I’ll pick up The Economist for a time. I subscribed to the WSJ for years but ended that the day the paper sold to Murdoch.

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