What’s in a name?

Product Naming 101: pt 1. The Rachel Dress

I lost my grandmother, Rachel, about 2 years ago. I remember sitting in her house, a few days after losing my grandfather and sifting through the most magical photos that I have ever seen and thinking to myself ‘Wow, now THIS is class’. The photo I was looking at was of my grandparents all dressed up for a wedding or something of the sort, and they looked so sharp and elegant… Regardless of the fact that they were raising 7 children and hardly had a penny to their names.

Style isn’t about following the latest trend, it’s about dressing for your body and looking good in your clothes. My grandmother (z’l), a born Parisian, was instilled with a fashion know-how and always dressed in stunning tailored clothing that she either created or found in thrift stores.

We named our products according to fit; products with male names have more a boyfriend, masculine fit and products with female names have more of a female silhouette to them.

The Rachel, is a tailored and structured number, with a Parisian minimalist air to it. The Rachel is classy but edgy. Charming but minimal, versatile yet basic.

The classy figure of this dress is slightly downplayed by the emphasis of its drop shoulder. Pair it with a blazer, and the crew neck becomes business appropriate, swap the blazer for a leather jacket and you have the perfect outfit for Sunday brunch. Or wear it with some fancy heels and you’re holiday chic.

On some, the Rachel is more feminine and curve hugging- in all the right places, while on others it has more of a boxy but structured feel. Women come in all shapes and sizes, wear this chameleon to channel the true you for it is definitely something to be celebrated.

Tonight we celebrate my grandmother Rachel, for all that she did and for all that she was: classy, edgy, spunky, charming, minimal and didn’t need very much in life to make her happy or to look good. Less is more.

Snag one for yourself: https://leeame.com/collections/all-products/products/rachel

My beautiful, late grandparents, Isaac & Rachel
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