5 Tips To Increase Engagement on Instagram

Whether your a blogger, a small Etsy shop, or a big name brand engaging with your audience is vital. Audience engagement provides you with clear feedback of who your audience is, what they want, and what they think about you and your product or service. Knowing these things about your audience is huge for your strategy. For example I notice that when I share something personal about motherhood on Instagram I get a ton of comments and feedback. This tells me a few things. For one it tells me that a big piece of my following is moms. It also tells me that moms are very engaged and active on Instagram. Another key thing here is that it tells me that I need to develop my strategy around moms. I mean it all makes sense. I’m a new mom. I am going through this experience just like other new moms and sharing my story helps other moms who may be experiencing the same things. Before I go rambling on about being a new mom for the 100th time let’s get down to business and chat about 5 easy, yet very helpful tips to increase your Instagram engagement.

1. Share posts that get comments- It’s that simple. If you have specific types of posts that receive more comments continue to include them in your strategy. For example if you post an #ootd pic and it gets 2 comments & you also post a food pic that gets 7 comments start sharing more food pics! Your followers like your food pics better and they are more engaged with that content.

2. Comment on similar accounts- Chances are if you leave a few friendly and insightful comments on a similar account you will receive comments back on your account. This also helps increase your followers & helps you make new Instagram friends.

3. Ask a question under your photo- For example if you post a picture about your upcoming travel plans to San Francisco ask your audience if they have ever been and what their favorite spots are. Asking a question is a sure fire way to receive comments and engage in a conversation with your followers.

4. Reward your followers with giveaways-This isn’t something you have to do all of the time, but it is a nice way to make your followers feel special. You can do a single giveaway just on your account or you can participate in a loop giveaway with like-minded businesses or bloggers. See more about how to join loop giveaways in a previous post I wrote here.

5. Be real- It’s really easy to come across “perfect” on Instagram. You carefully curate your photos to gain a following by staging the picture, making sure the lighting is right, and editing your photo. I don’t disagree with doing any of that, but I think it’s important to be real on Instagram. If your photo is perfect but your hair is a little messy, keep it that way. Maybe even talk about it in your comment. People relate to real people.

I hope these help you! Let me know your tips below or click reccomend if you liked this post!

Originally appeared on my blog- Life In ATX