Mom Pressure

Today I’m writing about a sensitive topic, but it’s one that all moms understand. It’s Mom Pressure, and I’m pretty sure it should be a word in the dictionary. Recently I saw somewhere online that Kate Middleton is going through postpartum depression and that she is under a lot of pressure juggling two kids and keeping up with all of her duties. Um excuse me… of course she is! Why is the media even bothering her about this? Not cool people! I never knew how much pressure you could really put on yourself until I became a mom. For some reason there’s this aura about having to do everything perfectly that always surrounds me when it comes to being a mom.

I stress about the craziest things. For example I read somewhere about how if you give your baby a pacifier they could develop ear infections, they could be come addicted to them, that it’s lazy parenting to offer your baby a pacifier, etc, etc… So somehow I equate giving Noah the pacifier is the same as being a bad mom. If you’re reading this and you don’t have kids you’re probably thinking ” Wow, this chick is cray,” but seriously it’s the Mom Pressure. And on a side note do any of you use pacifiers? Because Noah has been using one lately and I think he is addicted. If I don’t let him use it before naps he gets super cranky. We may have been abusing it by giving it to him too often and now we are starting the weaning process. So far it hasn’t been pleasant.

I also have toyed with the idea of giving Noah one bottle of formula a few times. The moment I start thinking about giving him formula the Mom Pressure comes on strong. I get this idea in my head that I’m being selfish and that I only should be giving him breast milk. I literally can’t get the thought of being a bad mom out of my head just thinking about formula. Well I’ve given Noah two bottles of formula since he’s been born and he’s 5 months which is practically nothing, and I still feel bad about it. Cray, Cray, right? No, it’s the Mom Pressure.

I brought this up to my mom recently and she sort of laughed it off saying that this feeling will never go away. Umm seriously mom? So you’re telling me I’m going to be crazy my whole life? I guess I just need to take a deep breath, pour a glass of wine ( oh wait, is that allowed during breastfeeding??- more mom pressure), and chill out. This is going to be a bumpy road and I’m going to need to let some of this pressure roll off my shoulders if I want to stay sane.

How do you deal with mom pressure? Leave some tips in the comments guys because I’ll take anything I can get!

Originally appeared on my blog- Life In ATX

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