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Top Tips for Financial Services Marketing #6 June 2017

WANTED: Great Clients And Great Referrals

Here’s some top tips on how to find them!

Finding new clients is a necessary part of your job but let’s face it, it can be darn difficult!

Where do you find the ‘good clients’, how do you quickly filter out the time wasters, and how do you motivate yourself to do something that you hate?

Here are a few tips and tricks:

1 Start By Assessing Yourself

What do you like to do? Who do you most enjoy helping? What hobbies, sports, memberships, etc. put a smile on your face and animation in your voice? Whatever the answer, start there!

Can you link your passion for things outside your business to your business? Could your love of rugby, horses, gin & tonic, whatever, be used to access potential clients or approach them differently? For example: Could you organise a local ‘scrum and scramble’ breakfast seminar on the morning of a crucial rugby match? Would a local gin distillery be open to providing stock for a “Gin and Financial Tonic” information evening? The possibilities are endless!

2 Get Specific About Targets

Don’t be vague and just say “medium sized business owners” or “retirees”. Be specific, because the more specific you are, the tighter your target group becomes and the more focused your approach will be. “Business owners of 20+ employees within a 30km radius of [insert city]” or “defined benefit pension scheme holders in [enter location]”, will give you a specifically defined group with their own financial concerns that you can ‘sell’ to.

The other benefit of targeting is that it drastically narrows your target group — and smaller numbers are less daunting and much more manageable. Define and understand your target group, identify how you can help solve their problems and then set yourself the target of contacting 5 or 10 every Thursday morning until you’ve investigated them all.

3 You’ve Got Champions — Use Them!

You already have a number of ‘great’ clients so don’t be shy about asking them to refer you to their network.

If you’re sending clients a regular newsletter, add a trigger to it that encourages them to send it on to anyone else they know that might benefit from the contents.

If you know that clients have referred you, thank them for it with either a call, a handwritten note, or a nice bottle of wine!

Your acknowledgment might just lead you to more business and more referrals!

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