Leeann Matthews
2 min readApr 25, 2017


Top Tips For Marketing #4 April 2017

Designing a Corporate Brochure?
Here are more top tips to success…

In this, the second of my two-part series of “top-tips for great brochure design”, lets focus more on design and delivery.

To start, lets recap on tips 1–5:

  1. Understand your audience;
  2. Ask: Where does the reader fit in the buying process?;
  3. Remember that content is key;
  4. Where possible — nip numbers in the bud; &
  5. Heed the headlines!

Next up is…

6 Keep It Clean!

Your company brochure should be like your website; clean, clear & concise. Use your company logo to dictate your colour palette, don’t use multiple fonts and don’t restrict yourself to the classic A4 brochure — there are lots of options out there!

7 Get Personal

Your business relies on networking and relationship building so don’t waste all that face-to-face groundwork by handing them a brochure that is impersonal and uses boring stock photography. Use photo’s of key staff, be personable and if stock photography is required for budgetary reasons, don’t be cliché.

8 Have A Bit Of Class

I read once that “A firm brochure is the equivalent of a firm handshake” and it’s totally true. Before a client reads a single word of your brochure they will see and touch it, so don’t waste all the effort you’ve put in to content by choosing poor quality paper and print.

9 Include a call to action

Don’t assume your audience will be moved to contact you after they read your well-crafted brochure. An effective brochure should include a call to action, so suggest that they contact you for a free consultation or a free guide to [whatever]. This will give them an incentive to get in touch.

10 Double Up With Digital

After all your hard work, you want your brochure to work for you in as many ways as possible — so make sure to add a digital version to your website and send clients a PDF version when applicable.

Good luck in your brochure endeavours!

Until next time…

Leeann Matthews