I just read this and laughed so hard the back of my head hurt.
Tucker Bradford

Laughing and crying because it’s the truth! My Tiny House is my 38' RV, which I believe to be spacious beyond belief in comparison to some of the Tiny House’s I’ve seen. I live in my RV for about 6 months a year — winter — in Florida. I live in it with 5 dogs and 2 cats and a visiting spouse (occasionally.) I adjust to the small space pretty well. Takes a few weeks, and then I’m ok. I do find myself talking to the dogs a lot more and rating my own gaseous fumage on a scale of barely noticible to Nuclear attack. The dogs’ farts as well. I have 4 towels. I have paper plates (damn sustainability)one pot, one pan and a Keurig. I’d give up the microwave to keep the Keurig. I have a luxurious double refrigerator, but that means my shower is the size of a coffin. The thought of that makes you get in and out quickly. So, I save water to counteract the paper plate debaucle. It’s amazing how little space you actually need. My other home is about 1200 SQ — not exactly a mansion, but must say it takes me longer to get used to the HUGE amount of space than the smaller one. Perhaps I was a denning animal in my former life. I’m too old to worry about sexy time — my spouse on the other hand enjoys a good “let’s see if we can turn this RV on it’s side” romp occasionally. I go along with it — it’s his retirement I’m spending. Ok, admittedly when in Florida I take lots of 6–7 mile hikes in the National Forest with the dogs. We do lots of outside activities and I go Kayaking whenever possible. I’m not sure I could actually live in it all the time. So, yep — I’d go with the “I’ve made a huge mistake” if I actually built and decided to live in it full time.

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