Dating is dead
The Angry Therapist

I love everything about this except the comment about all being lost if men don’t take the lead. I’m not a raging feminist, but that sells both women and men pretty short. Show me a man who doesn’t like it when a woman takes the lead and I’ll show you a shallow, insecure man. Anyone, male or female or whatever, who opens the door, offers to split the bill, or just basically shows any degree of respect for equality doesn’t deserve to be backhandedly demeaned in that way. Confidence and equality are sexy. And if they aren’t, the problem is with you, not them.

Also, if you’re going to be so frank about sex (which I loved the way you jumped into that), then you really should be covering consent too. Consent can be incredibly sexy, and it is absolutely necessary. “Can I kiss you?” Doesn’t have less thrill than just jumping on someone, it has more. “Do you like it when I do X?” is crazy hot. Consent is not a nod, or the lack of a “no", or even a one-time “yes”. It is a constant awareness and respect for your partners wishes, and it goes both ways!

Thanks for this, btw. I’ll be sharing it repeatedly!

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