I’m intrigued by this line. Can you expand on what you mean here?
the 8th house

From my perspective, it *might* mean that the pathologizing — turning depression, PTSD, bipolar disorder, etc. into “sicknesses” — can create isolation and a sense of always being outside looking in, rather than being a full and welcomed part of society. That isolation is so dangerous. It applies to those who work in these fields, too. For instance, I am always nervous to share my diagnosis/es, and yet I am called upon to do so every day because I do work with NAMI, I run a mental health podcast, etc., I believe in ending the stigma around mental health disorders. The looks and reactions I get sometimes, whew… it really can turn a rough day into a terrible day. Or worse.

That said, I can’t speak for the author. My two cents?

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