Questioning a Lifetime of Mormonism
Mike Denny

Former Bishop Lee Baker here with his Wife Kathy, we are new at this Social Media thing but we Love to share and help if we can. We have been “out” of Mormonism for 6 years this December after 32 for myself and 49 for my wife as I was the convert at 19. We were both very… very active and I was Ordained a High Priest by a good friend of Priesident Monson. Our story (with reasons and references) as to why we left, basically because we came to understand the true Doctrine and History of the Church, is available in the book (let us know if you need one)Mormonism — A Life Under False Pretenses. We have a
Website with our exit story, articles and radio programs at and several YouTube vedios on how best to teach Mormons from their own Scriptures. We have never left the Lord Jesus Christ and He has never left us as He will not leave you. Buth the deceptions and false doctrine of the Mormon Faith is “owned” by all Mormons and as an adult each person must be responsible for the total doctrine of the Church not just what you feel good about or have accepted or have elected Not to know about. The new Church Essays on is more than enough to seperate the sheep from the goats in the True Faith of Jesus Christ. Please contact us if we can be any help… any help at all. We know it is hard to leave, we have done it from within a family of 4 children and 10 grandchildren but the Love of the Lord is and should be more than the Love of a Family.

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