Lee Barbera: Let’s Walk Together and Make The World a Better Place

Simply because we have a roof over our head and clothes for various seasons; it absolutely doesn’t mean that people all around the world are living in the same enjoying their chores.

The fact is bit scary and not what it should have been, young kids are not being able to have access to education and what’s even worst is the premature death of newborns due to lack of medical facilities and proper care. And, we are all living in the same planet.

Have you ever given a thought about doing something for it?Probably no, but there are few people like Clifford Lee Barbera who, just have able to bring in the doctors and providing education to the needy ones so they too can live a life that’s decent and can actually provide some sort of quality.

Working on a day to day job may consume a substantial part of your life, but here’s always enough time for you to work towards in improving someone’s life.A little bit of effort, a few hours a week can lift their spirit and in the end we can see the difference.

1. We Can Donate Books and Clothes

As little as they might sound, but the gravity of their effect is substantially large! Sometimes your even a little token of appreciation can make a difference and, it can also help encourage people around.

2. It Just Take Few Hours Per Week

You Might be the busiest person in the whole planet, but taking a few hours won’t take much of your effort. We are surrounded by people like Mr. Lee Barbera,who inspire a lot of people by his noble acts of kindness in the service of kindness.

It just takes a small initiative and the difference is significant.