Impact exits beyond the scope of where you just choose focus your attention

Your impact is more than you know.

— by Lee Crockford

At spur:, we’ve always described ourselves “social impact strategists”, and it’s true — we proudly collaborate and work with people and organisations trying to do good across health and wellbeing, education, environment and sustainability, equality, access, peace, and more.

But there’s something about that descriptor that hasn’t felt 100% complete. It’s like that puzzle piece that looks like it should be a perfect fit, yet somehow doesn’t quite work.

It finally clicked what’s been irking me.

A few weeks ago I attended a conference in Canberra, and sitting in on a number of conversations, sessions, and…

What we’ve learned over the last 8 years.

In 2011 — what seems like a lifetime ago now — we launched a grassroots suicide-prevention campaign called “Soften the Fck Up”.

By “we” I mean we were a couple of mates (with little formal experience in the mental health space) who had lost someone to suicide — or had experienced suicidality first hand, and we wanted to make it easier for blokes to talk about how they’re feeling, rather than suffering in silence.

Last week, spur: delivered a workshop for 35 charities and other impact-focussed organisations from across South-East Queensland, in collaboration with BDO.

The session was designed as an introductory dive into the world of impact measurement — an area that a many organisations don’t do as effectively as they could or should.

This post is a summary of the key concepts around effective impact measurement that were explored through the workshop.

Depending on what resonates with you, this post is broken into sections so that you can easily jump into whatever’s most relevant:

  1. What is impact measurement and why is it…

Lee Crockford

Co-Director of Creating a world that is fair, sustainable, and well.

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