Why eat bugs?

I get this question all the time. My favourite answer is “why not?” We live in an amazing time — there’s more available to experience than ever before and especially in our food. Insect cuisine offers a treasure trove of flavour and gastronomy that is just unparalleled in breadth. There are over 2000 documented edible species of insects and the real number is likely closer to 2 million. On top of that, insects are packed with high quality protein, rich in essential fatty acids and bioavailable nutrients, and generally easy to produce with just a tiny environmental footprint. Crickets require about 20 times less feed, produce 200 times fewer emissions, and consume 2000 times less water compared to beef for the same amount and quality of protein but with up to 3x the vitamin B12.

At C-fu Foods, we’re working to change perceptions from yuck to yum! Until now, insects were available in two forms: whole or ground. Whole insects, while a nice snack, can be a bit intimidating to the uninitiated. Ground insect flours on the other hand, suffer from technical problems including poor solubility, dark colour, and off flavours. We’re working to change that with textured insect protein or TIP and our new line of soluble insect protein concentrates. Our powders are solving technical challenges that make insect otherwise unsuitable for beverages and TIP (pictured below) provides a way to replace and extend meat with insect protein for innovative new foods that are appealing to a new generation of eco-conscious and ever-curious consumers.

Insects are a new frontier for food and just like almost all meat products, they should be abstracted into forms that are easy for people to work with. Leveraging food science, we’re delivering on the sustainable promise that insects can provide by creating functional powders and meat alternatives that consumers can really sink their teeth into — and they’re coming back for seconds!

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