Thought of the day !

Once you wake up there is not turning back!

Wake up !

What i have learnt on my own personal journey Jesus aint coming to save you. I was raised and went to church of england school i love my bible still do. I love the psalms it brings a sense of comfort. I do not agree with the whole bible , However that is a personal opinion.

So i was searching i looked into almost all religions and the one that really resonated with me is Budhism i love the philosophy behind it , No judgement. My own personal awakening happened after a horrific attack.So its 2012 i am a hot mess low and feeling very sorry for myself , Years have gone past since a nasty horrific attack in 2007 , Myhealth was going downhill fast, I was stuck. I needed answers my reiki master teacher informed me no ,You have to wake up and do the work yourself get rid of that emotional baggage you are carrying .My load was heavy abused mentally and beaten since the age of 3 , I had serious issues with my dad who was horrible to me and my mum .

Here comes the inner child past regression experience . I had to go inside myself , All i remember is standing between my mum and dad and i am shielding her or trying too i am 3 my dad is violent and hes beating her and me tears are streaming down my face as i am under in deep meditative state , OMG this is not good i am told although its not acceptable forgive to give yourself inner peace so you can move on .

Lets process that sentence for a moment . Let me put that in capital letters .


Did it work yes alot of us hold to anger so i learnt to let go and work on my Sacral chakra to help the process.

Sacral Chakra is located in your stomach area , You will know if it is blocked your shoulders will be hunched forward. This indicates abuse or deep inner pain so you hunch forward to protect your heart chakra .

3 Breathe exercise for heart chakra .

Visualise a green colour on your heart chakra located chest area.

Take a deep breathe and release the pain and emotions and visualise this beautiful green colour healing the pain while you let it all go.

Do this 3x .

Heart mantra meditation .

My relationship with my dad is better he got old so whos he gonna fight now , I lol why? He is a weak old man that if he messed with me now i punch like Mike Tyson just saying. But i am the better person , Have i forgiven him ehh no but i let it go and forgave myself for being hard on myself for the self blame.

Love and Blessings xo

Leecha D. Reiki Master.

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