Self-Improvement Is Much Easier Than You Think


Now, I don’t know you but I imagine there are ways in which we’re quite similar. Do you have moments, every now and then, when you wish you could improve a certain aspect of your life? Sometimes when you wake up in the morning, you wish you woke up with more energy, or when you’re at work, you wish you weren’t so affected by stress, or in your relationship, you wish you could be that version of yourself that makes your partner happy 24/7. If you said yes to any of those, then awesome, we’re in the same boat, I’m not alone!

As a person who is hungry for life, my aim is to feel the best I can feel, in all situations, every day; so naturally I turn to Google to help me find out how I can best achieve this. I search for things like ‘self-improvement’, or ‘personal development’, ‘self-help’, I cover all the classics. However, I never, ever come away feeling like I’ve found the answer, I only come away thinking that the changes that I’m after are a million miles away, and I realised why.

Maybe you noticed it too, most advice that is touted doesn’t offer active steps we can take, it just isn’t actionable, at least not in any way we can measure.

You hear suggestions like ‘don’t compare yourself to others’. If I’m someone who has a natural tendency to do this most of the time, that information is completely useless to me, how do I stop something which I don’t consciously do? What steps do I take?

Instead, an active version of this, something I can actively do that will improve this condition, would be to suggest doing charity work. Many studies have shown the great benefits of being altruist, in our article on the ‘Top 5 habits of the world’s happiest people’ being altruistic most certainly made an appearance. The science is very clear on the benefits of being altruistic.

You might be thinking, that information won’t stop you from comparing yourself to others, and you’re right, but who doesn’t compare themselves to other people? Even if I do it more often than most, it’s a habit that has built up over years, it’s not going away anytime soon and I want results now. If I’m feeling generous I’ll give the expert until the end of the day. If comparing myself to other people is bringing me down, it’s only because I’m comparing myself to the wrong people, doing charity work will turn a trait of mine around and make it beneficial, boom!

Another suggestion I see a lot of is to ‘have a more positive outlook’, but if my problem is that I don’t have a very positive outlook, what am I supposed to do to suddenly make it positive? Again, there’s nothing there for me to grasp on to, to action, to use, to implement.

What would work for me is if the person said ‘If part of your personal development is to have a positive outlook, here is an activity science has proven to greatly improve your outlook: take a pen and notepad, put them beside your bed and write down 5 things you’re grateful for from that day. Do this every night, just as you’re going to bed, for the next 30 days and you’ll see your outlook change dramatically.’ There’s something I can commit to, my brain understands this, it can see the end result already, count me in!

You and I could go over examples of this until we’re blue in face, I bet you’ve remembered a few beauties of your own too (feel free to share these in the comments and I’ll try and make them actionable), but the purpose of this article is to show you that self-improvement is nowhere near as difficult as we both believe it to be. We just need to make it black and white, we have to find things we can action.

We’ve gathered up the most powerful things any person can do to greatly improve their life, and they’re all actionable, measurable and you can do them by yourself:

  1. If you’re serious about greatly improving all aspects of your life in one go, there are 3 areas to focus on:

a. Your diet
 b. How much you exercise
 c. Your psychology

To improve your diet, follow a whole food, plant based diet. That means cut out anything processed, anything with more than 5 ingredients in it, or ingredients you either can’t pronounce, or have no idea what the word means. The science on this is very clear and from our own experiences, it works incredibly well.

Exercise is easy, just make sure you do some form of exercise for at least 30 minutes per day. You can swim, cycle, run, lift weights, dance, play sport, yoga, anything; you just need to be working at an intensity that increases your heart rate. No exercise is better than another, the best exercise is the one you will be happy to keep doing. You don’t need to hear about the studies, you already know this one but again, when we have committed to exercising every day, the outcome has always exceeded expectations.

To change your psychology, we recommend 3 simple practises, 2 have been mentioned above:

  • The 5 things exercise is amazing, please do this! Leave the pen and pad beside your bed where you can see them, do not put them away, if they are there when you go to bed, you’ll do this and your outlook will change.
  • Being altruistic is huge, again the science is everywhere. Pick 4 days in your calendar for this month to commit to being altruistic and find something to do on each day, give blood, put your name down to work at a soup kitchen, visit an elderly peoples home to talk to and hear the amazing stories of the people who live there, commit to buying the coffee of the person in the queue behind you, anything you can think of.
  • Whatever your current perception on meditation is, sit down for 10 minutes per day and meditate. You can search for 10 minute meditations on YouTube,HeadSpace offer an excellent 10-day, 10-minute guided meditation free trial, or you can sign up to study Transcendental Meditation. Many people avoid meditation because they don’t believe in it or they’re too embarrassed to try it. Firstly, studiesare very clear on the astounding benefits of meditation, secondly, have you ever seen an unhappy monk? And thirdly, the goal is to greatly improve your life, not look cool.

Focus on these 3 areas for 10 days and you’ll notice a nice shift in your energy, clarity and happiness.

Focus on them for 20 days and you’ll begin to feel like a new person.

Focus on them for 30 days straight and you will awaken your hunger for life, your entirely outlook will change dramatically!

It’s hard to put into words what you’ll experience because your entire perspective on life will change, you will wake up in the morning full of life, your relationships will improve because you’ll carry so much positive energy, and your work life will change because you’ll be able to see things more clearly and will have more confidence to execute your ideas.

If you’re like me and these all sound great but in the back of your mind you can already hear the objections and the image of you quitting after 2 or 3 days flashes up in your mind, the ‘Awaken Your Hunger For Life’ program has been designed just for us.

The program has been created for people who work better with a pre-made structure, something they can easily follow, that gives them all the information they need. For example, diet, you now know the most important piece of knowledge in the entire world to improve your diet, so you can go and implement that easily; you would choose to join theprogram because we provide a boat load of recipes and give lots of useful information on why eating this way works.

It’s also for people like myself who like a little bit of encouragement and motivation to make these changes. I know for a fact that if I just set out today to implement these 3, I’ll do okay, but if I’m given motivation and am working my way through it with other like-minded people, I’ll really enjoy it.

In a nutshell, Awaken Your Hunger For Life was created to make working on these 3 areas for 30 days much, much easier. It’s designed so that anyone who signs up finishes the whole 30 days and gets to experience these amazing changes. If people don’t think we’ve followed through on that promise, we give them their money back.

So, there you go, you now have 5 things that you can actively do, that can be measured and monitored, that will help you achieve the level of self-improvement that you’re after. I told you it was easier than you think didn’t I 😊

Any comments, suggestions, opinions, are always welcomed here! If you know some friends or family who are chasing the dream but not following these simple steps, share the information with them using the buttons to the left.

And, as always, have a great day,

Lee and the Hungry For Lifers