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sigh, another non-white that complains about white people and ‘white’ countries not being diverse enough…

looking @ the comments im fucking shocked that asians, the only non-whites that i respect, are also hating/whining on white people these days.

asians are doing somewhat better then whites in america but please take the following into consideration

1 USA only lets in economic immigrants that can prove they have higher then average education and will be able to earn more then average. this way the average IQ and income will always and only go up.

this goes for ALL economic immigrants of ALL ethnicities, white immigrants are also doing alot better then the whites already in USA but because there are over 240 million whites in the USA already adding another 100k highly educated whites hardly increases the average IQ or income of whites

asians are less then 1% of the USA so if you add 100k high IQ asian immigrants the american asians average IQ and income skyrockets

2 another reason why whites earn only 67% of what they should earn is because of affirmative action…this is discrimination against ONLY whites because it forces companies to hire 33% non-whites even if better qualified whites are available. also schools, loans etc 33% of EVERYTHING has to go to non-whites. but if a company is 66% non-white, they are not forced to hire a white…

so asians being very smart and being only 1% of the USA they dont benefit from affirmative action much, but it hurts white people

so the best immigrants from asia do ‘only’ about 20% better then whites, while whites lose 33% on everything…whites that set up buisnesses in asia earn many TIMES the asian average in that country

3. only asians of the far east have high IQs and earn good money in western countries. vietnam, thailand etc are like africa 2.0. also only 16% of all ‘white’ people in USA are actually white, according to the (northwestern) european way of determining ethnicity.

in the USA mixed children from a white mother are also ‘white’ , light skinned hispanics are ‘white’ and everybody that came from the continent europe is considered ‘white’ so people with tan skin, brown eyes and black hair from all of these LATIN countries in europe :Gibraltar, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Malta, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, Herzegovina, Montenegro, Albania, Greece, TURKEY!!!, Cyprus, France etc are ‘white’

…its not fair to compare ONLY the smartest ethnic groups of Asia to anyone that is ‘white’. Compare east asian to only blonde, blue eyed people from Norway, Sweden, Finland, The northern Netherlands, northern Germany and Iceland, without affirmative action and you will see the results will be that whites are at least as smart and succesfull as east asians.

east asian have higher IQ’s then all white countries but thats because….there are no ‘white’ countries anymore….all ‘white’ countries are filled with 15–25% low IQ, low income blacks, arabs, hispanics etc who lower the average IQ and income

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

no hate here but ‘white’ people let everybody into our countries and non-whites like the author of this article only fucking whine about ONLY white people. China is only for ethnically Chinese ONLY and have you ever heard of the infamous ‘no foreigner’ signs in stores, restaurants, clubs etc in Japan? and all the asians in the china towns that want to live with asians are no problem but white people who want to live together are racist….

dont get me wrong, i hope asia will never destroy their countries by letting in blacks, arabs, hispanics and other genetic garbage. as a matter of fact DONT let it any white people either!!!! even though they bring money at first in the long run they will push for immigration for africans and arabs and destroy ASIA.

ASIA dont make the same mistake as USA!!!!!

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