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Crypto-Roulette — Illustrated by Lee Cocking

Cryptocurrency leads to gambling. Gambling leads to Prediction Markets. Prediction Markets lead to…the dark side?

The Beginning of Gambling

Cryptocurrency has been around for about a decade, but gambling has been around for nearly as long as written records have existed, and probably much longer. As soon as people found a way to easily exchange value they started gambling. Maybe it was for chickens, maybe it was for property, maybe it was for their first born, but either way people gambled.

The medium used to gamble has shifted over the ages. If we look way back at forms of value exchange we can trace…

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Jaxon woke up to a slight buzzing sensation behind his left ear. He’d set the alarm for approximately 6am, and his AI had woken him at 5:52 as his brain waves crested from theta into alpha ranges. Even so, he felt a little sluggish as he swung his legs out of bed. He introspected his body stats and a floating window of realtime bio-telemetry floated in space about 2 feet in front of his face. Everything looked normal except for a slightly elevated systolic blood pressure reading, but 131 wasn’t anything to worry about.

The thought of coffee came to…

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This is the Borg, on Blockchain — Illustrated by Lee Cocking

A strange and humorous thought came to me today; the blockchain is a manifestation of the Borg, a fictional alien race created as a plot device for the original Star Trek. Stay with me, I swear, the similarities are uncanny.

The Borg are described as a collection of drones, which are a linked as a collective hive mind. They were formed by assimilating technology and knowledge from other species they encountered on their interstellar travels. They make decisions in unison, and aim for perfection. They posed the main threat in several of the Star Trek story lines. …

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A collision between gaming and crypto — illustrated by Lee Cocking

Do you remember when games used to be simple? Pong, Frogger, even Pole Position. Do you remember when money was simple? Earn a dollar, spend a dollar.

The world doesn’t seem as simple as those picturesque days of a dollar being something you can hold and a game consisting of a squarish ball bouncing from side-to-side.

We’re entering a semi-uncharted area where legal tender, cryptocurrencies, virtual economies, marketplaces, in-app purchases, gambling and investing are blurring at breakneck speed. Let’s explore the various sides of this diorama.

Exploding Industries

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Is this what AI powered Blockchains look like? — Illustrated by Lee Cocking

When you couple blockchain with AI, it could spell the end for a lot of jobs. But is this a bad thing?

Well, let’s first take a look at the situation that we find ourselves in, which happens to be ripe for disruption.

The Current State of Affairs

Failures of Democracy

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Kin Logo (interpretation) — by Lee Cocking

You may be familiar with Kik, the instant messaging app, but if you haven’t been following them closely you may not be familiar with Kin, their recently launched cryptocurrency that provides a new platform for application developers to seamlessly and easily integrate crypto in their apps.

A Quick Kik Background

Kik was founded in 2009. After a few pivots they landed on an instant messaging platform that would compete initially with BlackBerry Messenger, and eventually with the WhatsApp’s of the world. Kik’s initial growth was extreme, gaining over 1 million users in the first 15 days, and now hovering north of 300 million subscribers…

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ConsenSys Logo (artistic liberty) — Illustrated by Lee Cocking

If you aren’t familiar with ConsenSys, you really should be. They are quickly assembling an arsenal of blockchain initiatives that are pushing the blockchain agenda forward at full tilt. While this agenda may be largely focused around Ethereum, it’s an agenda that is squarely aimed at advancing the pace of blockchain innovation and adoption worldwide.

To tell the story of ConsenSys we really need to start with its founder and core driver, Joseph Lubin.

Joseph Lubin

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The Disruption of Capitalism — Illustration by Lee Cocking

As the world quietly hums along there is an revolution underfoot that may be poised to disrupt what we consider traditional capitalism.

For the record (and to remind myself), capitalism is defined as

an economic and political system in which a country’s trade and industry are controlled by private owners for profit…

And there in lies the crux of the matter: “controlled by private owners for profit”.

The traditional capitalist system of large privately owned organizations with institutional investors, shareholders, a board of directors and sometimes (often?) questionable ethics and decision making has provided the bulk of work and wages…

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A few months ago I decided to fully dive into day trading cryptocurrency, and it was quite the experience. I tend to learn by doing, so other than some cursory research on where to start trading, I just jumped right in.

Note that while I have worked in blockchain related technology for a few years (lesson’s about that here), and now have some day trading under my belt, I am by no means an expert. Take the following experiences and lessons with a grain of salt, though I do hope they are helpful.

Warning: This is not an introduction to…

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The all seeing blockchain.

After you read this you’ll know more than the average bear about blockchains.

What follows are 9 things I’ve learned while immersed in blockchain and ledger over the last two years. Consider it a primer for those embarking on blockchain endeavours. I will issue a caveat that much of my time has been spent on exploring enterprise opportunities as opposed to turning financial markets on their head. Put another way, I’ve been looking at ‘blockchain for the rest of us’.

If you are looking for a deeper technical overview of blockchain, I recommend starting here or here.

For those with…

Lee Cocking

Technology Leader, Writer, Cartoonist - Blockchain | Cybersecurity | Future Tech

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