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Crypto-Roulette — Illustrated by Lee Cocking

Cryptocurrency leads to gambling. Gambling leads to Prediction Markets. Prediction Markets lead to…the dark side?

The Beginning of Gambling

Cryptocurrency has been around for about a decade, but gambling has been around for nearly as long as written records have existed, and probably much longer. As soon as people found a way to easily exchange value they started gambling. Maybe it was for chickens, maybe it was for property, maybe it was for their first born, but either way people gambled.

The medium used to gamble has shifted over the ages. If we look way back at forms of value exchange we can trace one thread of history to an interesting series of large stones called Rai Stones. These huge stones, quarried and carved out of limestone rock, were upwards of 4000kg and were used as the monetary system on the island of Yap. …


Lee Cocking

Technology Leader, Writer, Cartoonist - Blockchain | Cybersecurity | Future Tech

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