Four authors share their views about Publishizer: what the platform is, their experiences working with the team, the publishing deals they received as a result, and if you should start the process with your own book idea. As of 2020, they are just some of the growing number of successful authors who used Publishizer to get a publisher for their books. More detail about their stories in the video and article below.

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How do authors get discovered with Publishizer?

It’s all about finding the right idea. It takes work to create a book proposal that gets publishers excited and a good strategy to sell as many pre-order copies as possible. There are many paths to getting your book out in the world. Publishizer is just one path and it’s still quite new. …

What are bonuses? How are they used to sell lots of copies of your book? And how do you create them in ways that excite people?

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Crowdfunding is a great tool to raise money for your book project by getting a community of readers excited to participate. One of the most powerful tools an author has at his or her disposal is the bonus feature where you provide them free stuff depending on how much money they contribute to the book project.

Think of bonuses in three different categories:

  1. Give a copy of the “book.” Your campaign reward can be a direct transaction: pre-order for your book. You then have the capital to finance its production and your reader gets the book once it’s published. …

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The breakdown below provides a broad overview of the main types of publishers and what you can typically expect from them. The amount of work they do, author experience, and contract terms vary greatly from publisher to publisher, even within a specific type.

Each have their own level of care, knowledge of the industry, and approach to working with new titles. It is important to know that each of these types of publishers serve an important and truly valuable purpose to the more than one million authors who publish books each year.

For even more information, read How to talk to book publishers. …

Sales is mostly about persistence with following up. The rest is just being smart with strategy and offerings.

#1. Upload your video to social media instead of copy and paste

Social media is not great at selling books. I try to say that as often as possible. But there are things you can do to help engage the right people and drive traffic to your book page.

Facebook doesn’t like links from other websites. It gives them less priority than their own original content. Which is why you should upload your video .mp4 directly to Facebook rather than copying and pasting your Youtube link. …

A little bit of pressure is needed to accomplish something great.

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Anshu Singh discusses her new book and how she went from the pressures of a Silicon Valley executive to living in Bali writing a book on pleasure.

“Publishizer is a disruptor in this industry and with my background in Silicon Valley it felt aligned.” — Anshu Singh, author of Pressure to Pleasure

Anshu started working on her book idea last year with no good direction on how to get it out there in the world. Once she started writing the proposal on Publishizer, it became real and she could see the entire path laid out before her. “That made me overcome the fear and go for it!” she says, “Like jumping off a cliff.” …

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Imagine walking up to someone on the street, telling them your life story, and then asking them for $50. Do you think they’d respond by pulling out their wallets? Or is it more likely they’d back away slowly, trying not to make eye contact?

It’s a pretty obvious answer, but most people don’t realize that the book pitches they’re sending essentially do the same thing. They share a lot of crap that nobody cares about — and then they have the audacity to ask the recipient to do them a favor or buy their book.

Trust me, it’s bad out there. I see about 100 book pitches a day. Most don’t do an amazing job getting results. It’s a bit heart-breaking when I see all the book pitches wrapped in bland marketing newsletters hit my inbox. That’s bad news for most people, but it’s good news for those of you who are motivated. If you’re willing to do things a little differently, there’s a lot you can do to write the kind of book pitches that actually get your story bought and shared. …

Author case study: Anna Incognito #book

“I wanted to find an independent publisher that would be invested in me as a writer and in my unique voice. Too many agents and publishers today will only consider the ‘safe’ project: something exactly like something that’s already been published. I don’t think my work is like that, and it deserves to be seen.”

Laura Preble has her second book ready for publication. Her previous experience with a major publisher, Berkley Trade; Penguin RH, left her feeling out of control and let down with attention on her book. She would like to explore additional options this time around. …

Hindsight is 20/20

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“There are 50 million books available from Amazon. Yet, while we are growing in titles, we are still thirsty for the next great story. Publishers stand for quality and perfect each product before it makes it to the market.

— Markus Dohle [said], CEO Penguin RH

Book agents would like you to believe that major publishers only take agented submissions. This is not the case, however. All publishers and are looking for new channels of author discovery, and 95% take un-agented submissions.

This lack of transparency in the book publishing industry is caused by a couple main factors:

  • Agents want to control the gates of author discovery…

Kickstarter and Amazon and all your hopes and dreams.

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I wish that when you launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter or Indiegogo their community of backers would automatically buy your book and you’d obtain thousands of dollars in funds to publish your book, and all would be excellent.

I wish it with all my heart.

I wish everyone could be like Eric Ries and John Lee Dumas and Rafael Araujo(< that book is amazing).

But not everyone has the business connections like Eric Ries. Not everyone commands an audience like John Lee Dumas. And not everyone has an experienced marketing team like Rafael Araujo.

Accumulating at least 7k backers is out of this world, especially when done in only 30 days. And $400k in funds is better than any paid advance I’ve heard about in a very long time (besides the Obamas’). …

Acquisitions editors are usually your first contact.

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You have an interested publisher! That’s great. Now what do you do? What do you say?

A lot of authors are unsure how to approach an acquisitions editor or contact at a publisher, and sometimes end up losing out on a book deal because of it.

This is not “What can you do for my book?” or “What do you have to offer that another publisher cannot?”


This is not a paid service.

This is the beginning of a partnership. And you need to show anyone interested in acquiring or supporting your book the time and respect they deserve. …


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