The Comic Corps: An Origin Story

When I first ventured into starting my own business I was told that a great exercise to try before actually creating or building anything was to write down where your initial idea came from. What inspired it? Where were you when the thought came into your mind? Any detail you can remember, write it down. So I did and I wanted to share that because I forgot that I had it buried in my Drive. I thought it would be more useful this way.

After 7 years of retail slavery and close encounters with death (being dramatic) my wife and I, together, made the decision that it was time for me to leave that world behind. I knew that I would be leaving to enter back into the fitness world, the world in which I belong. In what capacity would I make my re entry? Well that part of it had not come to me yet. I knew I didn’t just want to be a personal trainer. I knew that I didn’t necessarily want to work for a gym and I certainly did not want to be in a management role. But I did know with absolute certainty that I wanted to help others, that needed it. I never wanted to chase after the bodybuilders (or wannabes), those that just wanted the perfect beach body or a body that they can stare at in the mirror for hours on in. I wanted to help those that the fitness industry has always shunned. There is an image of what the ideal fitness participant should look like and I knew I wanted to work with those that did not fit that mold. The outcasts, if you will.
That was to the extent of what I knew I wanted to do. So I began my journey to get re-certified as a trainer. I no longer had the shackles of retail around my ankles so studying would be much easier. I had countless hours available to do just that. One day I was sitting down, taking notes, while finally starting to watch Arrow on Netflix. I had never seen the show before but there was such a buzz around it that I finally had to give in. The CW was not on my television rotation. I religiously watched Gotham on FOX but the fact that Arrow was on the CW forced me to convince myself that it was probably shit. At the time I was reading the “Death of the Family” Batman story arc with extreme pleasure and every issue had something Arrow related as an advertisement piece. But here I was, finally, watching it and I knew immediately that the idiot was me. The show is fucking fantastic. The thing that caught my attention immediately was the “training” Oliver Queen put himself through to build himself up as “The Hood” as he was first known. I had never seen a comic related show or movie do that before, to the extent that Arrow did it in Season 1.
Image courtesy of Newsrama
It was at that point my wife walked into the living room and asked me what I was watching. I told her I was finally watching Arrow and that it was amazing. I told her that what I liked the most was all the training scenes they were showing. And that’s when it happened; The Moment. The idea began to formulate as we talked. The idea that came to life was creating workout routines geared towards specific character abilities/strengths/powers. For example, say someone’s favorite character was Bane. I’d create a workout program built for that individual to attain Bane’s characteristics such as large frame, muscular, powerful, great fighting abilities, and agility. All of these would be incorporated in the training program. The character itself would be used throughout the course of the 12 Week program as motivation for the client to push forward. I would send them comic clips of their character in action or of them saying something absolutely badass. By the end of their program the intent is for them to have built such a close relationship to their character that their new transformation almost mirrors the character both physically and mentally. Not only would they look different, but their confidence in themselves would be at an all-time high as well as their motivation to continue pursuing fitness long term.
It was at this point that we were no longer sitting down. We were bouncing around our entire house in Albany, GA., with excitement of all the possibilities we could create. I grabbed my Marvel Encyclopedia and began highlighting all of the characters that were unique to each other, making note of their abilities and powers. I do have to say that I believe that the original idea was thought of by my amazing wife (this is the part of the story I forget, but let’s just say she came up with it, maybe it gets me lucky).
Over the course of 2015 we continued to think of more things to include or tweaks to the original idea. Something I thought would be cool to do was to have a costume of my own, for my character, that I would wear for all my videos and for all consultations. I would not advertise this but the first time that a client wore a costume themselves they would receive 5% off their next month’s fee. There was one point where my wife and I were working out of a co-working space that had an awesome conference room with a giant erasable wall. One night we stayed to watch a conference, but it bored us to death so we said fuck it and starting drawing out plans for what each character’s workout would consist of and how routines would be determined. I believe we chose Batman, Superman, Black Widow and one other one I can’t remember.

It is now 2016 and The Comic Corps is real. We are up and running with a program that is built solely for our fellow comic book geeks and nerds. We are not for everyone nor do we intend to be. The comic book community is one we have a deep passion for and one that we want to serve to aid them in finding their true potential. Fitness IS for everyone and now it’s built for you. You won’t ever have to sacrifice the things you love. Hell we highlight them for you. The Comic Corps is here for you. All you need is to want to do the work and the rest is where we come in to help.

If you’re ready to experience something new, something built for you and something that will help change your life then sign up and be a part of our team. There’s a spot available just for you. It’s all FREE. There’s so much cool stuff waiting for you on the other side. Enter a world where comics will inspire you to be better, stronger, faster and always inspired.

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