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Charlie Hedbo editor and publisher, Stéphane (Charb) Charbonnier, 2011, post Hedbo office petrol bomb attack. Photo by Alexander Klein/AFP/Getty Images

One man’s blasphemy…

It’s fair to say we live in a world where the majority of people believe parables as fact. That this belief leads to murder is not new, but one hopes that as we mature as a civilization our ability to find motivation in peace and forgiveness will outstrip our desire for faith.

I’ve not much more to say on this volatile subject other than to share in the heartbreak, but I will offer this rather on point pair of videos from back in the day featuring Michael Palin and John Cleese defending Life of Brian (a film which tells the story of a chap who’s been mistaken as the messiah) to a bishop and a perturbed Malcolm Muggeridge.

It’s a worthwhile, if frustrating 25 minutes of men talking at cross-purposes.

Here’s one highlight, beginning with some rather poignant insight from Malcolm:

If you’d made that film about Muhammad there’d have been an absolute hullabaloo in this country.


But you’re right, Malcolm. I mean 400 years ago we would have been burnt for this film. Now, I’m suggesting we’ve made an advance.

We have indeed. Just not enough of one.


Part 1 of the discussion (please ignore the inflammatory name of this video)

Here’s a link to the full episode these videos are excerpted from.

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