An analysis of modal flexibility in carpool matching systems

Considering the Ride or Drive feature has such a significant impact on the system, has Scoop considered adjusting the incentive structure to motivate users to choose that option? I have noticed along the northern East Bay a lack of drivers and I have heard people specifically say they stop participating when they are discouraged by not receiving matches. Also, why are departure intervals not made to be desired arrival times instead? I also thought that if Scoop were to be involved in parking for users who drive into SF, that would be cool. More specifically, some kind of partnership with companies/apps like Luxe, ParkWhiz, or BestParking. I noticed that in apps like ParkWhiz they also show walking time for people that choose to park at locations a certain walking distance from work. I’m excited for the future of apps like this. I look forward to the day where so many people use Scoop that the number of cars on the road are halved and ride hailing services are significantly less necessary.

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