Lee David Harbert Holds Good Experience of Financial Services

Lee David Harbert holds three decades of experience in Financial Services industry. He attended the University of Michigan to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in Finance and Accounting. Here, he studied finance and general business management that involved leadership, strategy sales and product management. He has good understanding of fixed income, hedge funds, equities, retirement planning, mortgage lending, sales management, new business development and more.

In 1979, Lee David Harbert joined Advance Mortgage Corporation as Assistant Treasurer. Owing to his role, he had the responsibility of managing the Hazard Insurance Departments to ensure the entire mortgage portfolio has proper insurance, consisting of more than 150,000 homes valued at $2 billion.

From 1980–1986, he served Crocker National Bank. Initially, he was working as Financial Analyst but for his excellent performance was promoted to the Vice President. During 6 years, he was rewarded with 7 promotions and increased responsibilities. Here he developed comprehensive plan that included revamping operating procedures, complete new management team, and new technology platform. With his experience, he was successful in completing all open items, six months ahead of plan, with a total write off $500k. In addition, he also managed more than 100 investment professional involved in U.S. Government primary dealership investment activities.

He worked with Bank of America for a period pf 9 years. The bank was considered as the second largest commercial bank in US at that time. As Vice President, he reduced $8billion operating losses, positioned company to move forward and successfully lead integration for two major baking acquisitions. As Senior Vice President, he was responsible for daily responsibilities for Master Trust Master Custody, Securities Lending and U.S. and International Securities clearing. It includes managing a world-wide staff of 1500 with operating units in three continents, client assets in excess of $500 billion and daily transaction volume of $ 25 billion.

At present, Lee David Harbert is working with Griffith & Associates as the Managing Director. The financial services advisory firm emphasizes on business development for asset management, strategic planning, capital rising, and business plan execution. He has served different other firms including Stone and Youngberg, Blackrock, Schwab, First Republic, Seer Capital and more.

Lee holds great holds interest in golf and likes to play on his holidays. He plays golf with a group of his friends. For him, it is a great activity that provides various health benefits too. It allows him to improve his muscle tone, lose weight, body fat and stay fit.