AIESEC 2048 Game

You want to know what these acronyms stand for ?

First I invite you to play the game if you didn’t yet:

Here we go !!!

AIESEC was originally a French acronym for Association internationale des étudiants en sciences économiques et commerciales (English: International Association of Students in Economic and Commercial Sciences), however, the full name is no longer officially used as members can now come from any university background.


AI — AIESEC International — The AIESEC at international level with a mandate of one year AI coordinates all the national committees. AI includes members from different MCs around the world. PAI — President of AIESEC International

MC — Member Committee The AIESEC on national level with a mandate of one year MC coordinates all the local committees. MC includes members from different LCs form the country or abroad.

MCP — Member Committee President

MCVP — Member Committee Vice President

GST — Global Support Team

NST — National Support Team — team supporting an MCVP

LC — Local Committee — local section.

EB — Executive board includes the LCP + LCVPs

LCP — President of the Local Committee

LCVP — Vice-President of the Local Committee

Functional Teams

Comm — Communications Department — the team responsible for inner and outer communications, online promoting and online support.

ER — External relations department. It includes a team responsible for finding sponsors and/or raising companies and sales.

F/ FA — Finance — financial department responsible for all the finance that cycle through LC or MC.

ICX — Incoming Exchange — the team responsible for the incoming exchange participants, and signing the contracts with Local Companies.

LTT — Local Training Team — the team responsible for training the members, works in common with the LCVPs.

MaC — Marketing and Communications — Communications and ER combined.

OGX — Outgoing Exchange — the team responsible for sending local students abroad as Exchanged students.

TM — Talent Management — talent development team responsible for the trainings, motivation, development and recruitment of the members.

AIESEC Geography

GN — Growth Network (area of AIESEC expansion):

CEE — Central and Eastern Europe

WENA — Western Europe and North America

MENA — Middle East and North Africa

IA — Iberoamerica

AP — Asia Pacific



Alumni — A former member, who has been active in AIESEC, had a leadership position or went on exchange. He/she is still actively supporting AIESEC work (e.g. give trainings, advices…)

XP — Experience — in AIESEC- XP is every position that a member takes

TN — Trainee Nominee — mostly are the companies, organizations or projects that give opportunity for students to gain experience in the area of working.

EP — Exchange participant — the students that are here coming from abroad.They are part of project or interns.

GCDP — Global Community Development Programme — social experience abroad, 1 of the 4 programs of AIESEC GIP — Global Internship Programme — professional experience abroad, 1 of the 4 programs of AIESEC CEED — Cultural Envoy for Exchange Development — opportunity for old and new members to work in an another LC/MC for a short period of time for reasons of personal or LC/MC development

PBoX — Project Based on Exchange — every AIESEC project that include Interns.

OC — Organizing Committee — Organizing Committee. A group of people who is arranging a P-BoX, seminar or conference. They make sure a project is done properly. Some of the OC positions may include sales, finance, reception, logistics, communication.

OCP = PM — Organizing Committee President = Project Manager — Organizing Committee President — the coordinator of an AIESEC project or conference.

FACI — facilitator — people that help or give sessions during the main event. CHAIR — The main presenter, it is a must have on every conference.

GM — General Meeting — meeting of all the LC members.

GA — General Assembly — Episodic meeting of all the full-right members of the LC which is

arranged when important decisions should be made.

MD — Meeting Diversity — an important PBoX in the field of education.

WP — World Playground — an important PBoX in the field of education. CW — Colourful Way — an important PBoX in the field of cultural exchange.

BiP — Business in Practice — an important ER project.

RnR — Reward and Recognition

EwA — Engaging with AIESEC

LEC — Local Educational Time

KM — Knowledge Management

GEP — Global Exchange Partners; Global Entrepreneurship Program

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