I’ve Just Liberated My Modules
Azer Koçulu

You are a hero and a champion and I applaud you. I try not to publish to NPM/pip/apt and prefer to host my own builds, as well. I’m even moving off Github pretty soon, huzzah! As developers, we rightfully ought to be at the utter top of the food-chain when it comes to control and ownership of our works; anyone seeking to relieve us of that ownership isn’t providing a service, they’re providing fancy new handcuffs.

BUT, I want you to know! According to an update here — 

NPM decided to arbitrarily RESTORE your left-pad project to their repositories?

You made it clear you wanted it taken down. They did this with the express intent of “fixing the internet”, in other words, their ability to provide the service they promised their customers *depended* on them massively redistributing your work, explicitly against your wishes.

You have been crossed harshly and hung out to dry for corporate interests, and now you have the upper hand.

On behalf of other self-empowered dudes like you, I beg you, sink your teeth into them. Lawyer up, dude. Get the fastest, shiniest lawyer that you can afford and ride him all the way to the end of the legal system. Get a seven figure judgement out of this, not because you’re losing sleep over how your work has been shared (like you wanted!) but because you have an opportunity to protect IP rights for all of us, and based on how NPM + Kik treated you here, I think you deserve to turn a profit doing so.

Thanks :)

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