For our peers, the ones that are currently down on their luck, who aren’t really sure if they’ll make it, back is against the wall and shit just ain’t going right, what do you have to say? What’s the true key to success and happiness?

Keep going. Don’t stop. You think shit went right for me? Hell naw. I just told you where I come from & what I’ve done before. We from tha trenches. Nothing came easy. I took a leap of faith & I’m building my wings on tha way down. I dropped out of school for this shit. I lost friendships for this shit. I lost women for this shit. I lost time, money, family, etc. I sacrificed a lot of shit. That’s part of it tho. To live is to suffer, but to survive is to find meaning in suffering. So keep rocking. Keep swinging. You can’t fail til you quit. It’s all about how bad do you want it. You gotta ask yourself that. Me? I just wanted to see what I could become with God’s help. There’s been rough times, there’s been good times. But it’s principle over circumstance on this side so I remain tha same. You measure your own success. That’s what I believe. A real one creates their own wins. I know I do. I create my own wins & my own trophies. We come from nothing so we appreciate everything & we celebrating every chance we get. We from tha bottom. We come from nothing so we not even supposed to be here. We may not have reached our maximum goals yet, but we started with nothing so everything is a plus.

How do you think What God Loves will change your life?

It was created with tha best energy I’ve ever possessed mentally & spiritually. I know for sure that it’s gonna change my life cuz I changed my life to create it. I couldn’t put in that same effort & energy as before. I just went up another level & I’m not done yet either. I got 4 or 5 more books in me…easy.

What are your keys to success?

Relationships, staying dedicated & patient, knowing tha game. Relationships are so important to me because teamwork makes tha dream work. This is a collaborative world so to be successful you have to collaborate. Tha most successful people network tha best & tha most. I’m always going to be able to get money & make plays because I know how to can drop me off in Idaho mane, Ima make something happen. I can do business anywhere cuz when you gon be able to look in my eyes & know that when I give you my word, Ima die about it. Tha ones that isolate themselves have already lost. You have to be able to move around & rock with people & let them feel you. Real ones can trap anywhere. Real ones got homies everywhere. Keep your face clean, keep your name clean. Always keep it playa & just be genuine. Always keep positive energy mane. Get that hate out your heart. Understand this: it’s enough money for everybody to go get money in tha same market on tha same day at tha same time homie. So their win doesn’t have to be your loss. So it’s cool to applaud another person’s victory. It’s cool to be happy for each other. Patience is key because timing is everything & nothing happens overnight. Sometimes you gotta wait em out. That’s why it’s important that you real love what you do. You gotta want that shit. Period. Just stay low & keep firing.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

First off, I gotta retire my mama & cop her tha crib. I want an after school program. I wanna have influence in politics on a local level so I can do things to help my city & take care of tha youth. I wanna be on tha school board so we can clean everything up. I want an AAU team. I want a teen center. I wanna own a pro team. I want to be tha plug. After me, there will be everything. After I come through, there won’t be a need for anybody’s else from my city to have to take that hard road. If you deserve to shine mentally, spiritually & creatively, Ima put you in position. Period. I’ll be 31. I see myself well endowed & I see WCE as being solidified & being an important part of tha culture. I wanna be what Pac didn’t get a chance to be. I wanna leave my mark. I wanna branch out into film & television. I want my own production company. Hell, I want my own network. I wanna do numbers in real estate. I want my own clothes & my own liquor. I used to think tha only way to make money off grass was to sell weed, but now I know about agriculture so I want some of that money too. Shid I wanna own some oil. I want my own headphones. I want my own boxers, my own shoes. I want to own some franchises. I want a management company. I wanna have all that or be on my way to having it. I want an office building & a studio. I know we live in a mobile world, but that’s still important to me because you still need a solid foundation. I want to inspire people. I want to influence things. I want to make everybody around me rich. I spoke about Belichick & RC Buford earlier. I want to look up later & see how many of my interns & people on my staff are in leadership positions at other spots or how many have created their own brands. This shit gotta be damn near generational. I want every woman that’s involved with WCE to be well established & have her own. I want Jay to be what Khaled is or what Timbaland is. I want Buke to be Puff. I want Eazy to be Spike Lee. Hunter, I want you to be bigger than all these motherfuckers you look up to. I want Antman to be a billionaire. I want Drec to milk tha game. I want my brother Jamal to take over tha world. I want Savo to be tha superstar I know he is. I want him to go be Michael Jackson. That’s what I’m building this shit for. It’s about tha team. You only as good as your team.

How does being so hands on effect how you run your business?

It just keeps everything manageable for real. I have a team so I try to delegate certain things so I can empower my team & so I can get more done. But being hands on allows me to never have tha outcome be determined by another person. I control that. So with me being hands on, it helps because I know how to do things myself so I know how long it should take, what it should look like, who you need to talk to to get it done, etc. That’s important to me because if you’re a business owner, you need to know how it’s really ran & what goes into maintaining that business. If not, you’re going to be taken advantage of.

What makes your faith in yourself so strong?

I always felt like people didn’t believe in me so I always tried to instill that belief in myself, but that was a choice I made. It became a necessity later when I caught a case when I was 16 & was kicked out of school. None of my homies stuck around. None of my women stuck around. They tried to try me as an adult, they were really tryna railroad me. People thought I was down for that count. Everybody else stopped fucking with me so I had to fuck with myself. I felt like this world tried to break me so many times that I felt like I had to build myself strong enough to take it. Tha game’s played above tha shoulders so, with a strong mind & a strong hustle, you can do anything. Everything a possibility…Ioun give a fuck. A nigga can’t tell me nothing.

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