An Email to My Family

30. Don’t make exceptions.

( #30 of behaviors that will make you unstoppable.)

Zig Ziglar used to tell a story of traveling one day and not getting in bed until 4 a.m. An hour and a half later (5:30), his alarm went off. He said, “Every fiber of my being was telling me to stay in bed.” But he had made a commitment, so he got up anyway. Admittedly, he had a horrible day and wasn’t productive at all.

Yet, he says that decision changed his life. As he explains:

“Had I bowed to my human, physical, emotional and mental desire to sleep in, I would have made that exception. A week later, I might have made an exception if I only got four hours of sleep. A week later, maybe I only got seven hours of sleep. The exception so many times becomes the rule. Had I slept in, I would’ve faced that danger. Watch those exceptions!”
Hence, Zig was unstoppable.

Zig passed away in 2012, here’s his web site if you care to take a gander.

Click on the below web site and view the 29 points that come before Zig’s:

To my children and grandchildren I wrote:

This email was designed and put together for each of you by theRooster. Some of you will read it, some will read parts of it and some of you will just skim over it, although I hope not. As for me and my 73 years of age, I’ve been there, I’ve done that, and, I have multiple “T” Shirts. I’ve made my marks and others have made marks on me. What will your “T” shirt’s say about you? Did I mention that Granny has been right there with me for 51 of those 73 years.

I close with one ?, who motivated you today, or better yet who did you motivate today? Oops, that’s 2. Sorry!

I Love you all.

Thanks to a fellow blogger for providing the stimulus to put this together.
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Thanks for taking the time to read this. Go forth and make your mark.