What happens when emotions set the temperature for your attitude?
Ariel A. Tabaks

Re: Nov 7 — What happens when emotions set the temperature for your attitude?

My wife,of 50 years this month I might add, is an avid physical fitness buff. She’s at the Gym 2–3 days a week frequently walks 2–4 miles and just last month ran the 10K at the Marine Corps Marathon in Washington, DC.

The opposite of your post in the reverse: Many years ago while training for a marathon, and on the day she was to do a 17 mile run in her preparation routine, she sustained a stress fracture to her left Tibia. We’ve also had a torn Hamstring, Knee and Ankle sprains and other assorted tweaks along the way.

Just as a point of reference, we were living in rural Connecticut at the time and the roads around us were crowned with a discernable slope to each side of center. While running, or walking against traffic it is the left leg which bares most of the weight. You folks in the UK would have the right leg bare most of the weight. We all know you drive on the right side of the road and we on the wrong side.

I’ll get back to the Stress Fracture Her rehab lasted close to a year. Her outlet for stress and frustration, exercise, became non-existant and her attitude and temperament was in serious need of adjustment. She was a miserable human being to live with.

This event took place back in 1980. To this day, when she can not have her physical activity to release those endorphins, this writer becomes wary and walks trepidatiously about the house. Today, should the weather or something else keep her off the road, she quilts, has the Hallmark Chick Flicks on in the background and I am a Happy Camper.

There is a great article in “How Stuff Works,” Is there a link between exercise and happiness?

From this old 72 year old who’s been around the block a few times, you are old beyond your years. I enjoy your writing.