Lee Fitzpatrick
Mar 29, 2018 · 1 min read

Rising from depression, anxiety & bankruptcy.

You will find your strength at your weakest.

When all else is lost.

You will find your strength amongst the chaos.

When your will is breaking, and waves crashing, you will find your strength.

In these moments of searching, fractured, desperate, a million little pieces scattered, you will discover your strength.

Slowly, this strength will grow. To heights previously incomprehensible.

Yesterday impossible, today within reach.

Those glorious mountains you have pondered but shied from, will soon be the tops you summit. Conquer.

Every fragility,

Each and every gloomy corner of your being,

Every challenge, hurdle, confrontation, criticism and every weakness you have ever suggested, will accumulate profoundly,

Into the brightest of beacons,

A shining light, on the troubles of your past.

And in this moment, you will be thankful for your darkest days,

The lessons they have taught you,

The scars that remain,

For you now have risen.

Lee Fitzpatrick

Written by

Entrepreneur. Writer. Loving partner. Gym owner. Battling with mental health, redefining what success means to me and taking it all as it comes.

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