6 Things You Need to Recover From Every Day
Benjamin P. Hardy

Brilliant article. I do so many of those things wrong. Not sleeping well. Overcompensating for lack of sleep with stimulants. Checking my phone every waking hour. Eek. The only thing I do, which I never even knew was beneficial, is fasting. I tend to eat one or two meals a day and not eat for the majority of the day. I’m going to put a more conscious effort on all fronts. I need to reduce sugar and caffeine intake and I absolutely must put my phone use in check because it is consuming my life. My 8 year old daughter has two smart phones and an iPad. Between the two of us, we have 4 smart phones, 2 iPads, and 2 computers. It’s unbelievable the impact technology has on our lives. We didn’t have that when I was growing up. These day, it’s hard to even imagine life without technology. I was actually in a treatment center for two months earlier this year and we had no technology; our phones were taken away and we weren’t allowed any devices that had access to the internet. It’s definitely hard to give up your devices for any length of time but you get used to living without it after awhile. Sadly, the first thing people do when they get out is usually check their phones. And then you’re right back in it again. I work from home now so I use that as an excuse. But I know it’s just an excuse. I’ve been up four hours, using my phone, but I have yet to do any work. This was definitely eye-opening for me. Thank you. ❤️❤️

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